TUTTOFOOD – Milano World Food Exhibition



Time: 10.00 am
Location: Milan (Italy)


  • A modern and professional event, which will inform participants onmarket trends and new consumption patterns so as to better direct marketing activities
  • An effective showcase to test new ideas and experiences
  • The only exhibition in this sector in Italy with a real International profile
  • An event able to meet both the needs of companies mainly looking at the domestic market and those mainly looking for export opportunities
  • Boasting a significant contribution from the whole food chain, TUTTOFOOD is a fundamental platform for discussion and critical debate on key topics of nutrition which, in 2015, will be the central issue of Expo 2015, where TUTTOFOOD will be the inaugural event


  • Uniqueness. TUTTOFOOD has put together a show that constitutes a unique opportunity to make contact with an array of highly qualified international exhibitors.
  • Completeness. Producing companies make a date at TUTTOFOOD to offer an up to date and complete view of products from every part of the world, giving visitors the opportunity to save time and money.
  • Variety. A perfect mix of innovation, tradition and promotion of the authenticity of local products will accompany visitors as they find out about food business trends.
  • Information. TUTTOFOOD is the ideal place to compare experiences, analyse market trends and understand the evolution of consumption and buying patterns through the organization of targeted workshops, seminars, conferences, meetings and events.
  • Competitions. The creation of show cases for innovative and niche products, and the election of the best DOP cheeses, chosen and judged by panels of experts, will allow visitors to maximise the effectiveness of their search for products.
  • Buyers’ Club: a special area reserved only for buyers.
  • Italy – charm and market opportunities. Its culinary traditions and its historical-artistic treasures make Italy one of the most fascinating places there is for surprising and unexpected discoveries. The flavour of made in Italy is here!!
  • Accessibility. Three international airports give a choice between intercontinental, international, domestic and low cost fligts. The underground line connects the city centre directly with the Fair, and the Exhibition Complex is easily reached from the motorways.